Jaipur Jhalana Leopard (Panther) Wildlife Safari



• Jhalana is gaining popularrity for it’ s Leopard sightning in their natural habitat;

• Apart from Leopard, Jhalana has other attractions such as Striped Hyna, Desert Fox,Golden jackal,Chital, Indian Palm Civets etc.;

• This is also a must visit location for bird watchers,birds includes Indian Pitta,Dusky Eagle, Owl,Spotted Owl etc.

• The leopard is most resilient,the most adaptable and the most widespread of India’ s big cats;

• Leopard (Panthers Pardus) has a wide range distribution in India;

• The exception of above the tree line in the Himalaya and desert areas;

• Im addition, the elusiveness and behavioral flexibility of the leopard allow them to survive near villages and human settlements.

• There are around 32-35 leopard in this park

• We guarantee you with 100% sighting.

Leopard ,Striped Hyna, Desert Fox, Golden Jackal, Chital, Indian Palm Civets ,blue bulls , jungle cat and many more .
Bird watchers, birds includes Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet , Indian roller , sikra , hawk  and many kind of birds .

Included :
Ticket , guide , water , open Gypsy , driver , entry fees , many more.

Extra charge for pick up and drop of .

The safari is lead by guide.
This safari  would take around 3 hours